Are your aware How to fix Youtube Not Working Let It Find Solution Now

Are your facing this kind of error see below in the image don’t worry this blog page is about for how to fix youtube not working

Before check these solution you must aware what kind of queries people search on Google if they faced this kind of troubles with Youtube like youtube not working on android phone, google chrome, iphone or much more you can see over there so for all that all in one solution mention here

Youtube not working Solution

Step 1 Please close your Google chrome browser to fix out Youtube not working 

Force close Chrome then restart it. If you are not sure how to quit Chrome in Task Manager, refer steps below.

1) Open Control Panel

2) Type Task Manager in the upper-right search box and click View running processes with Task Manager.

3) Select Chrome from the list of tasks, and click End Task.

4) Restart Chrome and check to see if the YouTube video plays.

Step 2 Configure settings in Google chrome to fix youtube not working issue

Visit Chrome settings and uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”. This method has worked for many Chrome users who were having the same issue like you. Follow steps below to change the settings.

1) Open Chrome.

2) At the upper-right corner, click More  then select Settings.

3) At the bottom, click Show advanced settings.

4) Scroll to System section. Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.

5) Restart Chrome and check to see if the YouTube video plays.

Steps 3 to fix Youtube not working trouble please clear the Cache

If you have no idea how to clear the cache, follow these steps.

1) Open  Chrome.

2) Click More . Point to More tools and click Clear browsing data…

3) Ensure the checkbox next to Cookies and other site and plugin data and Cached images and files is ticked.

4) Obliterate the items from the beginning of time to delete all data.

5) Click Clear browsing data.

6) Restart Chrome and check to see if the YouTube video plays.

Step 4 Disable all extension which is causing the problems to fix Youtube not working

Follow steps below to disable the extensions.

1) Access Settings in Chrome.

2) Next to the extension, uncheck the box next to Enable. This is temporarily disable the extension. If you want to uninstall the extension, click Remove

3) Check to see if the YouTube video plays.

So we hope using above the method you can fix the problems of Youtube not working either if you are looking of other devices like youtube not working on iphone or android phone you can dial 1-866-535-7333

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